The Meaning of Colour Within Design

24 Aug 2020
by Daniel Pintillie

colour is the perceivable characteristic of light; light is energy, so colour is a form of energy. In 1666 Sir Isaac Newton discovered that sunlight is a mixture of colours by noticing that when a ray of light passes through a prism, it is dispersed into its seven constituent colours: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet.

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5 Principles for Minimalism in UX/UI

16 Aug 2020
by Julia Zell

“Less is more” — the principle of minimalism can be found in all areas, including design, architecture, literature, and even in everyday life. Is the principle of minimalism overused or even more relevant than ever? This article examines minimalist web design and pleads for the following basic principle: Embrace the empty space instead of graphic overload.

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Do You Need an e-commerce Website?

07 Aug 2020
by Stacy Willis

E-commerce is all the rage these days. As consumers, we’ve become accustomed to getting things instantly, with the simple push of a button. As a result, more and more businesses are turning to online sales for their products or services. E-commerce tools like Shopify and Woocommerce have never been more popular, and there have never been so many websites that sell direct.

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Why is Typography so Important For Graphic Designers?

30 Jul 2020
by Anne Carton

Graphic designs are meaningless if they aren’t well-equipped with typography. The use of typography elements has an overwhelming presence, especially in text-based designs. For graphic designers, the use of typefaces is crucial to create a message for viewers or the target audience of a brand. In this article, we’ve shared what is typography all about and why graphic designers need to master it.

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