OpCom Global


A Brand New Website and Logo Design for OpCom Global

OpComGlobal locates courses taught by certified instructors who have a focus on growing and encouraging individuals interested in pursuing higher career goals. Then they support them through mentorship and coaching through accomplishment of their goals. With international training credentials, candidates will have the advantage to compete for top paying employment opportunities and work across the globe.

The Brand

We created the O icon within a rounded arrow we then noticed it slightly resembles a Guitar plectrum this was unintentional, nevertheless the client was very happy with the result, it is usable free standing or with the Opcom Global tagline.

Color Palette

This colour combination is commonly associated with freshness and serenity. The Pastel Green green suggests, new ideas and protection. The deep prussian and midnight blues appeals to a wide range of demographics including feelings of stability, confidence, and intelligence.

Pastel Green
Cornflower Blue
Prussian Blue
Mint Green
Midnight Blue


For headlines we used Montserrat bold as it works well in almost any situation where you want a modern, corporate feel and combined it with its light version for the body text. Montserrat is a geometric sans-serif typeface it is similar to Gotham but has its own individual appearance.


The Website


Super Fast Loading Time & Responsive

opcomglobal.com is a bespoke HTML site so it loads super fast for a better user experience it has a fluid and flexible layout which adjusts according to screen size so the website looks great and works perfectly on a desktop, tablet, and mobile phone.